Job Shadow Program

The Oklahoma Women in Higher Education’s (OKWHE) Job Shadowing Program is intended for members who would like to observe a professional who holds a position she is not only interested in, but one she could also feasibly attain within the next 5 to 7 years (given her current career track).

Job shadowing allows the OKWHE member to observe a higher education professional as he or she carries out his or her job duties on campus (or other site) over the course of one working day. Our hope is that you will be provided with a firsthand look at the skills and knowledge required to succeed in such a position, as well as to improve your understanding of leadership roles and expectations in higher education.

We are currently accepting both applications for Job Shadower (mentee) and interest form for those willing to be shadowed (mentor).

For more information about becoming a Job Shadower (Mentee), click HERE.

For more information about becoming a Job Shadowee (Mentor), click HERE.

For More Information Contact

Stephanie Beauchamp, Ed.D,
OKWHE State Chair Elect