Become an Institutional Ambassador

Institutional Ambassadors (IA).  Each institution shall be encouraged to appoint at least one Institutional Ambassador to OKWHE. 

Duties and Responsibilities of IAs:
  • Serve as an institution's official representative and liaison to OKWHE; when any institution has not appointed an IA, an IA from a nearby institution may be appointed by the EB as a regional IA, with responsibility for more than one institution.
  • Responsible for communications between OKWHE and individuals on their campuses (or their regional responsibility campuses, when applicable).
  • Attend at least one OKWHE luncheon/conference each year.  In addition, each IA will attend at least one statewide IA meeting called each year by the IA Chair on the Executive Board.  Each IA will host at least one IA campus or regional meeting per year.
  • Assist the EB in developing future plans and implement programs and activities generated by the Board.
  • Establish, when appropriate, linkages with other campus programs focusing on women.
  • Find ways to bring women together on their campuses for support and assistance.
  • Encouraged to assist at conferences and receptions and may serve on standing committees as needed.
  • Appointed for a period of two years with an option for renomination. If for any reason an IA cannot complete her term, she will nominate to the IA Chair a replacement.
  • Serve a maximum of two consecutive terms and may be renominated after a two-year break.
If you are interested in being an Institutional Ambassador for OKWHE, please click here to complete a brief application/interest form.