Becoming A Job Shadower (Mentee)

The purpose of OKWHE's Job Shadow Program is to connect developing professionals with current leaders in higher education to gain valuable insight into potential career opportunities. Participants should expect to receive a broad overview of the day-to-day responsibilities in positions to which they aspire. 

If accepted into the Job Shadow program, participants must commit to:

  1. At least one in person shadow event and one virtual follow-up meeting. It is the responsibility of the Job Shadower (mentee) to initiate contact with the assigned Job Shadowee (mentor) and schedule all meetings.
  2. Participate in a panel discussion during the Fall 2023 conference to provide insight into lessons learned and feedback to future participants.
  3. Attending a virtual orientation in February 2023.

Additional contact between the Job Shadower and Job Shadowee beyond the aforementioned requirements is solely at the discretion of the two parties involved. You must apply and be accepted into the job shadow program to participate in an official OKWHE job shadow experience.

Timeline for 2023 Applications:

  • Application Form Opens: November 18, 2022
  • Applications due: January 31, 2023  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 15, 2023
  • Notifications to applicants: February 15, 2023 MARCH 3, 2023
Click HERE to complete the application.

For More Information Contact

Stephanie Beauchamp, Ed.D.
State Chair Elect